Import cover art error

I created a folder that has all my exported cover art by album (not by file) using:

How can I import the covers to their corresponding albums (being that I didn't save it by file)?

Use the export format string as format string for the filename for import.
And where is the error that the topic indicates?

On some of the files, I'm getting the message that the file "cannot be accessed". The problem occurs with files where the album title or album artist has one of these characters ' \ / : * ? " < > | '. When the covers are exported, the filename created deletes these characters. Here's an example:

%albumartist% is De/Vision

%filename% is DeVision%"cannot%20be%20accessed".

These are characters that are not allowed in filenames. Therefore they are not written.
If you use %artist%_%Album%.jpg as format string that should match the cover-filename it is naturally that your format string and your filename do not match.
as format string for the action that imports covers from files.

To be more exact, this characters are not allowed in WINDOWS/NTFS filenames.
Every Operating- and Filesystem has different limitations.

For example:
On a Mac OS/HFS the only not allowed character is a :
On most Unix file systems, the only not allowed character is a /

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If you create a filename from tag fields, it may be advisable to use $validate() to eliminate invalid characters.
This helps to get reproduceable results also for import.
So for export use e.g.
to replace any invalid characters with an underscore.

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Thanks to all who responded and helped me understand how to it works.
Using "$validate(%artist%-%album%,_)" fixed everything!

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