Import Cover Art from parent folder


Have hunted high and low for a solution on this one - but to no avail.

I have a large number of albums which are stored in multiple directories, ie

music ->

 Artist-Title ->

Now for single CD albums, automatically importing album art from an action is simple as I have bulk renamed all appropriate files to 'front.jpg'... However I cannot see how to get MP3TAG to access the same file in the parent directory relevant to the file being tagged, in other words, the filename would be


Anyone have any suggestions (apart from copying/pasting the front.jpg manually into each CD1, CD2 folder)????

Otherwise - great tool - have been using for a long while - but only recently become more efficient using the scripting and actions - and must say it gets better and better all the time.

That's the solution :slight_smile:

Would if it were... my life would be simple. Regrettably and surprisingly - it does not work however many times I try to reformat the pathname, in absolute or relative terms.

In the meantime I've hooked my windows shares up to a Linux box and written some shell script to simpy find any instances of front.jpg and copy it into a sub-folders marked either 'cdX' or 'disc X'. Wish I'd done this earlier as would have saved lots of renaming and other fiddling.

Would love to know, however, to get around this problem in mp3tag though.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: