Import Cover Art While Dealiong With Special Caracters

Hi Everyone,

I have over 5000 songs. They are well organized, but I rarely have full albums. So I usually group songs under an artist' folder. So I often have multiple songs from multiple albums in the same folder. Naturally, the cover art is always the album name.

Artist Folder
-- Artist - Song A
-- Artist - Song B
-- Artist - Song C
-- Album A.jpg
-- Album B.jpg

The problem is that sometimes, the album name contains special characters that are not supported by the operating system (Windows). Ex: *, :, /, \

When this happens, the special character is replaced by another character. This is done automatically using Winamp.
Album: "What's New? \ Your*Love"
Cover Art File Name: "What's New_ - Your_Love.jpg"

I spent some time trying to figure out how to import the cover art for these as well and finally succeeded.

First: You need to have Mp3tag v2.49 or higher because it is the first version to "Support for wildcards at cover import from file". Detailed here:

Nothing too fancy, it uses the standard the Actions (Quick) toolbar button or keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+6.

Instead of putting the standalone "%album%" as the "Format string for image file name", use the following notation:

This will replace any occurrence of the unsupported characters -- ;:*?\\\\/"<>| -- with a question mark (?) in the search pattern. So when Mp3Tag seeks the cover art file name using the formula, it will use the following search pattern for matching, where (?) can be any character:
Search for: "What's New? ? Your?Love.jpg"

It seems a bit slow, but I've successfully tested it on my entire music collection.

Note: I've always replaced double quotes (") in song titles and album covers with two single quotes (''). Visually, it looks almost the same, and it avoids some problems. My trick might not work with double quotes.

I couldn't find this solution anywhere, so I decided to share it.

Hoping this will help or inspire others,