Import cover art you have into mp3tag

I have the cover art on my desktop. Is there any way I can import this directly?

You can use the tag panel and right click on the image display area or
you can use the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) and add a picture or
you can create an action to import files either with fixed/known file name or a pattern to generate a name or wildcards.

Thank you. I notice that the art tag options are not god at locating covers for a lot of recent classical recordings.

As the image display will only show if the tag art search actually finds something I cannot get the image display. How do you create an action to import files? I know that these album covers are available with other art search engines - it is a pity your search engines cannot find them.

I am not quite sure what the presence of covers on the desktop has to do with a search engine.
If you know the filename and if follows a pattern that can be constructed from the tags like
then you can assign that with an action.
Actually, you can also assign other patterns that consist of tag variables and/or text constants.
Or wildcards like *.jpg
So if you show us what your

looks like in respect to folder structure or filename, MP3tag will probably help you.