Import cover for multiple files


I'm using AIMP which is able to download the cover for songs (but it's not saved in the ID3 tag), but I'd like to disable this feature and import covers for all songs, I'm not sure how to do it and if it is possible.

In AIMP the problem is, that wrong cover is downloaded, or the cover from the best of album is used, or the best of album with multiple artists, like "best of the 80s" and so on, so here are few questions:

Is it possible - and how, to:

  1. Import cover for multiple selected files and save to ID3 tag.
  2. Do not change/edit the other ID3 tag text items (artist, song, album, year, genre, track...)
  3. Ignore the files with existing cover in ID3 tag.
  4. For one group of selected files prefer single cover (not best of).
  5. For another group of files prefer artist album (not artist best of).
  6. For the last group prefer the artist best of album.

By "best of" I mean any best of albums, also "greatest hits", "hits", "Number ones"...

Probably I'll have to register, it's OK, but I just need to add covers to files and don't touch the rest of ID3 tags.

Could you help me please?

see the release note for version 2.84: Mp3tag v2.84 released
2 web source scripts are included that download only a cover.

But: there is no way to "prefer" certain types of albums, the search usually heavily relies on the data pair of artist and album.

If you do not want to overwrite files that already have covers, then you can filter for the files that you want to treat:

%_covers% MISSING

Thank you. I downloaded the latest version. I'm just not sure how it works.

I need to load covers for many songs, is it possible to load covers for multiple files at once? I mean different artist/album? Or I need to type the artist/album for each song?

You can look for one cover at a time - but that for several files.
The original idea is to get one cover for all the tracks of an album.
So you would have to group your files so that you sort of have an album.

There is no loop mechanism that goes through a list of albums.