Import cover from file - Existing cover deletion

I have an action group where I use "Import cover from file" for a large number of files (singles - not albums).

The intent is to update existing album art when I load updated cover art jpg files in the cover art source folder .

It works as intended, however, when a corresponding cover art file is not found, it deletes the existing album art. The behavior is the same no matter if I check the "delete existing cover art" option or not.

Is this the intented behavior and if so, Is there any other way not to delete existing art unless a source file is provided ?

Filtering is not an option as all files already have cover art, just want to update files where I submit new source jpgs.

Thanks for your help!

I cannot reproduce it. I deleted all jpg-files from a folder, started the action of the type "Import cover from file", first with a full cover filename (here: folder.jpg) and the existing cover stayed in the file, I got the message that 0 out of 1 files got modified tags. Just as intended.
I did the same, only this time with checked "delete existing covers" - and the result was the same: the exiting cover was preserved, the error message said that no tags got modified.
The third attempt then started with an existing jpg file, the filename given as *.jpg, the new file got imported, the old cover deleted and the message indicated that 1 out of 1 file got modified.
So: could it be that your file types are not correct or something?

Thanks for the prompt response, will do further testing and report back.

Ok, got this sorted out;
I had another action to "Remove fields except" but was using "COVER" as the exception field instead of "PICTURE"
Works now.
Thank you!

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Yep, as specially noted in the help for Remove fields except:

Yes, that's where I found the info, thx :slightly_smiling_face: