Import cover from file


Does this feature support wildcards?

I've got all my album art as different filenames in my album directory's. But there all .jpg.

I tried these combinations:


But none of them worked :frowning:

Is there any such wildcard command? If not, it would be cool to add it in the next version, as renaming all my covers to a single name would be troublesome for me.


Such wildcards are not supported. If the files have the same name as the folder, the album, the artist, etc. you can use %album%.jpg and the like.


Dam it! :angry:


Well, what if you have 3 JPG files in your folder? How should MP3Tag be able to decide which one to use?



Well, I dont have 3. I just have 1 per folder (the front cover).

I'm trying to think of a way around this, but right now mp3tag using wildcards is the only thing that would work for me right now.


I would use these steps in Total Commander

  • navigate to the root folder of your music collection
  • do a search for *.jpg files [Alt+F7]
  • press Feed to listbox on the results window
  • select all files
  • open the Multi Rename Tool [Ctrl+M]
  • enter folder or album at Rename mask: filename
  • press Start!
This will rename all *.jpg files in your music collection to folder.jpg or album.jpg. If something went wrong, you can open the Multi Rename Tool again and press the Undo button.

Hope that helps.

~ Florian


I actually did that already, but I used flashrenamer to do it.