Import covers and other setting from WMP11?


I've been adding covers to my songs for a long time by the option Windows media player (11) offers. However, this program does not hardcode the covers "in" the mp3, but puts them in another map.
I want to add them to the mp3 itself, so if I copy the mp3, the covers copies too. Now I found this program, and it seems this one does that exactly :slight_smile:, however, I spent a lot of time (10+ hours) in putting the right covers to the right song. Is there some way to import this from WMP? Because I hope I don't have to do it all again? Someone can tell me whether or not this is possible, and if it is possible, how I can do it?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I'm sorry, I made a mistake :unsure: . This was ment to be posten in the "support forum", not in general. If a mod would be so kind to move it :slight_smile:

Normally WMP saves the cover as hidden Folder.jpg file in the album folder.
So you can simply use the action

Import cover from file (with the string Folder.jpg)

Yes, but what if you don't have a Folder.jpg and/or MP3s mixed in the same dir?
Isn't there a way to automagically import Album Art Cover already (and correctly) associated by WMP11?