Import Covers for multi-CD album


Here is my problem:

  • I had structured my music files like this: Artist\Artist - Album [year]\Covers\CD Cover.jpg
    So when I want to import covers into my files I run an action "Import cover from file" with this format string structure: Covers\CD Cover.jpg and it work perfectly.
    But, when I have multi-CD album my folder structure becomes: Artist\Artist - Album [year]\CD01, but my Covers folder remains in the Artist\Artist - Album [year] directory.

What format string structure should I use to solve this problem?

Thank you!

I am always a little nervous when structures vary.
So if you could use a filter for the special cases ... like "%discnumber% PRESENT"
and address the folder with
..\covers\cd cover.jpg
or even
....\covers\cd cover.jpg

perhaps an added $if(%disccnumber%,"..\covers\cd cover.jpg","covers\cd cover.jpg") can do a trick...
provided DISCNUMBER is filled for the multi-cd albums