Import covers-jpg into selected audio files (or folder) with identical name

Hi, I need to create an action to import Jpg-CoverArt into a group of selected Flac-audio files with identical names. The Jpg-Covers could be in the same folder as the audio files or in a separate folder (Es.D/Covers). Pretty much the exact opposite of an export with the string "$replace(%_folderpath%,%_workingpath%,'D:\Covers')%_filename%".
I personally tried to write the string and looked for something similar in the community but with no success. Thanks in advance for those who want to help me solve it and best regards

Filter for files that do not have an embedded cover:
%_covers% MISSING

Create an action of the type "Import cover from file"
Format string: %_filename%.jpg

This will probably lead to a number of error messages for all the files where there is no cover file with the specified filename either because there is no file at all or the filenames do not match.

Press F3 twice to refresh the filter.
Create another action of the type "Import cover from file, this time with
Format string: d:\covers\%_filename%.jpg
and see how many successful imports you get now.

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I have tested the 2 suggested solutions and they work very well! Thanks again.

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