Import data from a text file

I need to fill tags in MANY audio files from a single text file with a single format line. I've been successful using Convert > Text file - Tag on a single file. How do I repeat this on every file in my edit list as a single batch process? (I'm sure it is fairly simple). Thanks in advance.

If the number of data lines in the text file matches the number of selected files then the first line in the text file gets imported into the first mp3-file, the second line into the second file and so on.

If one of the data fields in the text file contains the filename then the data of that line will get imported into a mp3 file with the same name.

Thanks, ohrenkino. I was able to make this work, as you suggested, by copying & pasting the one line of tag data to match the number of files I was editing. Since the data (except the %title%) is the same for each mp3, I was hoping there might be a way (maybe with an action?) that I could take a "template" approach with a master text file that could be used to import the same tag data to an arbitrary (and LARGE) number of mp3 files. Is there possibly some way to use a $loop command, ending when the last file is reached (just a guess/wish)?

The $loop is only for export and even there never appears in the data itself but only in the export script.
If you want to import only a specific field you can create several text files each for a specific field and import the data only into that field as the other fields are left as they are.

This worked PERFECTLY! Creating an Action Set with several Import Text File actions lets me toggle on/off the actions based on what tag fields I need to edit on a case-by-case basis. Thanks VERY much for the suggestion, ohrenkino. Jim Barto.