Import data from text file to user-defined field

I do not know if this would be a "separate" issue as "the reading of a nfo file into a user defined field" works in windows .. but after I figured out the basics on how to grab the data i need, when I went to try this on a mac .. it was not possible to read the nfo file into a user defined field.

Is there a way I can this this same method in a similar manner in the mac version of the software? (or is it not possible as based from this question submitted at:
Import from text file ?)

Have a look at the Mac documentation and a way to import data from text files:

Hello and thank you for the reply ..

Excuse me if I get the jargon wrong ..

I've read that page as it was also listed on the issue from ticket(?) 55186 .. that I linked earlier in my question.

Unfortunately, the .nfo files are written from a movie scraper (media companion to be exact) and I am (attempting/trying to) moving the metadata from the external .nfo files to the metadata tags within the movie container(?) .. a mixture of mp4's (in .265) and mkv's (in .264). I do not know how to get the .nfo file into the structure of the text file as described in the "import tags from text files" section of that page.

I don't know coding but I was able to use the method described in the original ticket 50933 in order to read the data into the fields in the following manner ..







... etc.

aside from a few "bumps" (with the multiple genres and actors) .. it was working quite well in the testing/learning I was doing on the windows version of the MP3tag software.

it is when I downloaded and ran the mac trial version .. I found it was different. (I am in the process of "attempting" to use a mac more consistently which is why I am seeking the possibility to do on macOS as I was able on Windows .. somehow.)

I would prefer if I can do it all from a mac .. but .. worst case scenario is that I will need to perform the metadata writes in windows .. and can hopefully find a way to workout the multiple genres and actors "issue" that I had posted (on the ticket this was split from).

Thanks again.