Import existing cover art

When I use Windows 7 explorer to view my MP3 files, I can see that a lot of the files already have cover art showing.
When I use MP3Tag to view the same file, I do not see the Cover Art.

Is there a way to ( Hopefully batch ) import the existing cover art? Is there a way to have MP3tag show the existing cover art?

Thanks all!

MP3tag shows the covers that are embedded in the files.
The Windows Explorer uses a hidden file called folder.jpg
You can import picture files with an action.
Select the files for which you want to import covers.
Open the function Actions(Quick) and select an action of the type "Import cover from file".
Enter as
format string : *.jpg
(this imports the first picture file that is found in the folder)
Format string: folder.jpg
(this imports the file folder.jpg if it is present).
Click OK.

To check which files still have no picture use a filter (Press F3 to see the filter input box at the bottom of the window)
Filter: %_covers% MISSING

Thank yo for the reply.
I tried to do what was described above. I was able to follow the instructions but I am not writing the proper command in the text box.

This is the error I got ;
Import cover from file "Format string: folder.jpg" (Front Cover): File E:\Mp3 Music\2000's\Format string: folder.jpg cannot be accessed.
Import cover from file "Format string: folder.jpg" (Front Cover): File E:\Mp3 Music\2000's\Format string: folder.jpg cannot be accessed.

I am quite sure I am NOT typing the right text into the text box. Can you give an example?

Did you at least check if there are folder.jpg-files in the folders?
It looks like you have written the text "Format string" in the box which is meant to write the "Format string" into.

Just did a check and yes, I have a folder.jpg file in each of the subdirectories .

As you can see, I keep my MP3's on E drive\Mp3 Music\xxxx's - with each decade as a subdirectory.

What is the " format string" I am supposed to write for a subdirectory ( for example ) 2000's?


No, I can't.

The covers are taken from the folder where the current file is unless you add a path component to the filename.

For me it is not at all clear where you have your folder.jpg-files. Normally someone wants a cover of an album to show. So are your folders album-oriented? Or are all your music-files together in directories like "2000's"?

From the error-message you get I can only see that you obviously wrote "Format string:folder.jpg" as a format string instead of just "folder.jpg".

You can enable MP3Tag to also show not only embedded cover-art but also cover-art that only resides in the folder if you leave
"Don't display first image ..."
in File -> Options -> Tags

Hello Ohrenkino,

I'm trying to import Cover Art from my Directory, Please see below...

In Mp3tag.Options, under Directories, my Start from this directory box is checked
and my Cover Art Directory path is: I:\TRAKTOR\Cover Art\Cover Art%artist% - %title%.jpg\

Here are my inputs under action:

Action (quick)
Import from cover art
Format string from image filename = I:\TRAKTOR\Cover Art\Cover Art%artist% - %title%.jpg
Import Cover Art As = Front Cover

Its not working, Can't understand what I'm doing wrong... thanks for your time.

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The main thing is: the filename and that what you enter as filename REALLY have to match.
It is virtually impossible for me to see from the distance where the differences could be.
The basic approach is correct: enter a fully qualified filename if the cover files are stored in a single folder. I see the pattern of

as a source for trouble.
Is there really a file called Cover ArtMadonna - Like a Virgin.jpg?

Thanks for your response Sir...

So the problem is the filename??? I'm trying to understand. Thanks

Figured it out. Thank You again...

Oh, last question... I've seen some of your comments from a Post " [rename *.jpg cover files to folder.jpg within directory".

Is there a way to batch rename ,jpg directory files from filename in mp3tag

I think everything is said in the thread you already mentioned:

As jpg-files do not have any MP3 tags, MP3tag cannot really deal with them except using the properties returned by the OS.