Import folder.jpg

I see how to grab tags from the online tag providers, but is there a way to grab the album art as folder.jpg instead of imbedding the art into the mp3 file?

It's not directly possible via the import from Tag Sources, but you could use an action Export Cover to export the embedded cover to folder.jpg.

If you don't want the cover in the file, an action Remove Fields can also remove the cover.

Ok, so the process would be to import the album art into every file, then export it then delete it from the file? Yikes. That's a lot for 1000's of mp3s...
No easier way?

The actions can be applied on all 1000's of mp3s at once.

I understand. But it would be imbedding 10 - 20x the number of images (1 per file instead of 1 per album) only to then export and delete them all.

You can try to filter for the first track of each album (i.e. Track IS 1) and then you are limiting the number of imports. Depending on your preference for lossy ot lossless audio files types, the typical album cover size may not be an issue. But is can help to ensure you always have the artwork for any songs if you export them outside of your main library.

Thanks for the ideas.
How about if I want to import JUST the album art for all of my library without editing any other tags? I see how to do it one by one, but what about en-mass?

You can disable the individual fields when importing via Tag Sources and just leave the checkbox next to the album art enabled (use option key + click to change the state for all checkboxes).

Understood. However, I don't see where I "Import from via Tag Sources". Is that a menu item?
Selecting a "Tag Source" in the Tag Sources menu opens a window where I have to type in the name to search.

This is the same. Please clarify what you want to achieve.

Do you have the covers as files, e.g., folder.jpg in your local file system and want to import from there?

No, I don't have the images for some of my albums.
Ideally, I'd like to select all tracks that DON'T have artwork, and have mp3tag import artwork for those files. I understand that it can only import into the actual file, not as folder.jpg, but I think that'll be ok.

In general, web sources work on album basis. Which means you can get the information for all tracks of an album with one web source call.

belong to different albums, you have to treat them individually.
If you have access to windows - there are programs around like albumartdownloader that look for pictures for any number of files from any number of albums with one call.

Really? I thought for sure mp3tag would be able to handle this - it does SO much on multiple files without any issue.