Import from file?


I work at a place where it is NOT COOL to tag my music with MP3tag at work.

During my lunch hour I like to sometimes edit information for my current tracks using Excel. Once at home I cut and paste the information into Excel ... and cut and paste and cut and paste...

Is it possible to import certain columns from an Excel file. Really tonight I am only intrested in the information in one column. I could save that column out as a .txt file if MP#tag could import that.

Any ideas?


This should you get started.

importing song titles from excel...

mp3tag can import from txt files with the Text file - Tag Converter:
export it from excel in a way that every line coresponds to one file.
take care that you have to sort the mp3 files in the same order as the lines in the txt files.
you can export/import as many fields/colums you like. just use a clear marker between the different fields within the line.

Artist 1|Album 1|Title 1
Artist 2|Album 2|Title 2
Artist 3|Album 3|Title 3


I need to get some sleep and think about this one in the morning. Thank you for your help.