Import From File?

I just downloaded the program and found it very robust with a lot of features.

What im trying to do is this: I have a whole lot of russian files with cyrillic tags, names and everything else. When i try to use "convert codepage" feature it just turns everything to question marks.

What i can do is export the whole list to a TXT file. I can then use a translit converter to aproprietely convert cyrillic letters into latin. At this point i am left with a file that i was expecting to import back into the prog renaming everything into latin char names.

well there is no import from file feature. I know its real easy to implement, why isnt it there?

Edit: Played with it some more, downloaded the latest beta and found a new button there called Text File - Tag. That did it.

Great Program, thanks

What would help a lot would be a bunch of how-to's for newbies like me, that only needs to play with ipod when a girlfriend nags him down...

Please feel free to write one :slight_smile: