Import from other tag sources - allow to skip files

As I used MP3Tag quite extensively these past few days, I had a small list of improvement suggestions, so I give another one.

In the window to match tags from external source with the songs that were selected in the navigation window, with the two separate scroll boxes (one of the tag source, the other with the files from your selection), I find there are some usability issues:

  • it is not straightforward to handle the situation that you found a "good enough" match, but the number of tracks is not the same with your selection, but you still want to use what you found (e.g. you found a disk with 17 tracks, but in your selection you only have 14, either because it is a different edition, or you deleted some tracks in your library;

this could be solved with having check boxes next to the source values (to skip some), or with the possibility to load a blank line (dummy) in the box with local files

  • with a long list of files, not visually easy to see whether they are lined up correctly (maybe a visual clue could be used?)