import from .txt file

I'm attempting to import numerous artist and title info from an ANSI coded .txt file. Each line is separated using the 'Enter' button... Line 1 parses fine, every other line does not.

what am i doing wrong?

Remove the extra return. It goes by each line. It will think the returns are the data and it will cause problems.

Track: 1 - 1
Track: 2 - return
Track: 3 - 2
Track: 4 - return
Track: 5 - 3
Track: 6 - return
Track: 7 - 4

And so on.

Please upload an example excerpt of the first two or three lines.


as requested

problem.txt (249 Bytes)

I do see the following problem:
The hypen is not the same if you compare line 1 with the rest.
You will find this, if you replace blank-minus-black with a semicolon. THis will replace only the first line.
And as the format string can only deal with one kind of separator, the lines that do not match do not get imported.

At the first glance the sample text file looks good.
Each line is delimited by a CR-LF sequence.
Each line has the same field structure: Artist - Title (Comment)

But there is a quirk with the hyphens.
The first line contains a normal hyphen-minus character (code number 45).
Instead ot the hyphen-minus character the following lines contain a different character from the Windows 1252 codepage, which can be created by key combination [Alt+0150] via num pad, also known as the ndash character (german: Halbgeviertstrich).

Both characters have different size (45)|-|–|(150), but sometimes they look the same in another font (45)|-|–|(150)

I recommend to replace all the ndash characters in the input file with hyphen-minus characters.
Then Mp3tag will import the data line by line without failure, using the mask:
%artist% - %title% (%comment%)

See also:


awesome guys thank you very much!

as always your help is greatly appreciated