Import Information for Tags

My fantasy is just below. Can MP3TAG work this way?

Select all the tracks using MP3TAG the have a Title blank or the word "Title" in it. Looks like I can figure out this from the on line help.

Import it to my database. Correct them, replace with the titles in my database. Can figure out that, too.

Export the updated list from my database. Easy.

Import the list to MP3TAG and update the Title tags. I don't see a matching "Import" function. Is there one?

Will have to do the same thing for Artist and Genre, in separate passes.

(Services like Discogs are of little use, my database, about 30K tracks, is of folkdance music with low production quantities, as low as 20. I intend to use the Genre tag to hold the name of the dance, though I am open to a better suggestion.)

  1. Load files into Mp3tag.
  2. Press [F3] or select menu "Mp3tag/View/Filter".
  3. Type in the filterstring: TITLE MISSING OR TITLE IS "Title"


Befor answering a question:

What do you call "My Database"?
Just you music files with metadata in it or do you talk about a separate database with informations about your music.

MP3Tag does not work with a database but just reads the embedded tags of all files you to it to do.

I would try Convert>Text file-Tag

It is FileMaker, running on Windows, which easily exports to .CSV and other formats