Import multiline tag data

Was just made aware that you can use CTRL+Enter to add a line in a multiline field.

I LOVE this especially when it comes to the COMMENT field. However, I have encountered a problem.

If I have the comment field as this:
flac8_1.3.2 - Lame_3.99.5_v2_92dB, Recorded June 1977, Released September 1, 1977
and export and import using %comment% it works just fine.

However if I change the COMMENT field to this:
flac8_1.3.2 - Lame_3.99.5_v2_92dB
Recorded June 1977
Released September 1, 1977
it seems to export okay, when I look at the text file it has added two "returns" like the field does but when I try to import it (Convert-->Text file to tag) it breaks the import.

I can think of two options to fix this but don't know how to do either.
1 - Is there a way to export the %comment% field so that it doesn't include hard returns in the text file but rather a symbol or a text string/function that mp3tag understands when it is imported?
2 - How do I modify the import string to understand the hard returns are part of the field itself?

Any ideas?


One line is one record for one file. So you have to keep the data in one line - and remove/replace the line breaks with something else, preferably a printable character.
So, for your export, instead of using the plain %comment% try

After the import you run an action that replaces == with $char(13)$char(10)

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try.