Import multiple covers in one file


Thanks to Sebastian the cover export and import worked fine for me with the $validate(%artist% - %title%,) to assure that for the file system operations only allowed characters would be used (: or ? will be replaced with nothing).

But if I have multiple covers like front & back I got exportfiles like

Survivor - Eye of the tiger.jpg
Survivor - Eye of the tiger(1).jpg

$validate(%artist% - %title%,).jpg works only for the first cover.

So I tried this for the second
$validate(%artist% - %title%(%dummy%),).jpg

but this doesn't work => do I have to mask the ( with /( and /) ...

Hope someone has good tip to get this work maybe with only one action .... :music:


I made one action with several similiar actions and that worked fine
Action Import Cover
$validate(%artist% - %title%,).jpg
$validate(%artist% - %title%,)(1).jpg
$validate(%artist% - %title%,)(2).jpg
$validate(%artist% - %title%,)(3).jpg


Sorry, but the %dummy% placeholder is not available here. You can use some actions with fixed values instead.

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