Import multiple lyrics in multiple mp3 with a script?

I have using the lyr_htm script and then the Mp3tagLyricsSplitter program and I get exactly what I was asking for, a single txt for each song and with the name of the song.
Now I have to find a script that allows me to import individual txt files into individual songs, can you help me?

for @Florian
I did not understand if you pulled your ears to me or to someone else, I may have misunderstood but only because my English is not good.
And I used the search function as I wrote in the first post.

actually I lost time trying to use another script. What I try to do is import a text, for example:

10 - comfortably numb.txt


10 - comfortably numb.mp3

Obviously I have to do it for many files at the same time, so I need a script :slight_smile:

To set the data for a single field, use an action of the type "Import text file".
Select the target field.
To set the (variable) filename, you can use MP3tag property variables.
So if the filename of the text file is equal to the filename of the audio file, you may enter as
Format string: %_filename%.txt

see here for even more details:

thanks ohrenkino, it works perfectly :slight_smile:

I have now discovered that, unfortunately, that Mp3tagLyricsSplitter only works with folders in the root and not in the sub folders. I will open a thread to ask if the author can update it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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