Import photo as cover from folder

For my library of concert recordings I mainly use artist photos as album covers.
I have a lot of artist photos in a folder on my computer, they are .png or .jpg and named with artists name.

I am looking for an action that can be used to fetch these, I tried the action Import Cover From File with a line like this but it didn't work:

\\DISKSTATION...\Artist photos\%ARTIST%.jpg
\\DISKSTATION...\Artist photos\%ARTIST%.*

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance /Hank

It should work ... if the contents of the field ARTIST can be found as filename.
So, if ARTIST is "Rolling Stones", the file has to be called "Rolling Stones.jpg" as well and not just "Stones.jpg".

I am not sure if the network address can be used. It may be that you have to assign a drive letter to the remote folder. The fastest way would be to use the Windows explorer, navigate to the remote folder, shift-right-click on the folder and use the function "Open command shell here". THis assigns a temporary drive letter to the folder which is kept until the command shell is closed.
Use this drive letter to set a fully qualified filename with path and drive.

Wow, it worked! With your network setup with the assigned drive letter it works perfect!