Import Profile Tag Info from Discogs


Trying To Import The Profile & Members Info From Discogs File.

Basically, I'm trying to start a Biography file in MP3tag to include the Band Members.

For example if you look up the O'Jays, it shows the group Profile (Bio) and The Group Members (Walters, Eddie,Samuel).

Tried to connect to Involved People, but I get and error in the Tag file.

Any Suggestions or an easier way to do it.


Theres a nice Discogs script here in the forums to do all of it.


INVOLVEDPEOPLE needs a special format syntax:
I also tried to build this field into my discogs script, but i couldn't write the field in a way my mediaplayer (foobar 2000) was able to read it. I chose MIXARTIST instead.

Are you writing a script to import artist information or are you copy&pasteing manually?


The Discogs is the main script I actually use. It works great; however, I want to add Discogs Profile and members info, which gives the background of the group.

I don't see that field under expression tags which matches Discogs Profile or In Group field. Involvedpeople, as you mention, doesn't seem to grab anything.

Currently, I'm cutting and pasting the info from Discogs (Bio & Credits) and leaving it in a field I created called Bio/Review.

Is there a script under Web Scripts that does this or can you suggest how to modifiy the fields to grab the info.



What do you mean by "expression tags"? You know that you can add any custom tag you want. You could name it ARTISTBIO, ARTISTINFO or whatever you want. Not all mediaplayers read custom tag, but most of them don't read INVOLVEDPEOPLE or MIXARTIST either.

What discogs script do you use? Discogs info from That is a complely different page, isn't it?
There is no discogs script which grabs artist info, because all discogs scripts
are based on the release pages, an on these there is no artist info.
You could make a script which searches only the artist page, but i doubt that would be sensefull. You would not get any info about the actuall realease from this script. And what about compilations?
What you could do is to edit a script in a way that it adds WWWARTIST or something similar which would be a link to the artistpage at discogs. This Link is provided for every artist on every release page. And you would always see the updated artist page if you follow a link, not something you stored five years ago.


With the new Pone 3.3 is there a way to now import the profile and member information from Discogs. I've tried using wwwartist... but nothing seems to find the info shown in Discog page...

To recap... Discogs shows the Artist Aerosmith... and it shows members... Steven Tyler, etc.
Can I get that information built into my Tag?


No, I'm sorry.
All my scripts are for release pages. The members are only shown at the artist page.

Artist Page:

Release Pages:

If you compare the two release pages, you see that the first one has almost no credits and no band members, whereas the second has "written by..." credits for every song and also lists all band members with their function in the overall album credits.
My script can get all the credits from the second release, but for the artist page you would need a completly new script, which then could write only band information and nothing about the album and the tracks.


Thanks, I see the difference between pages. Appreciate the quick response.