Import tag from file path


I am creating an action group to import tags from the parent directory.
/Volumes/Music/Retagged/Epidemic Sound/ES_777 - Nbhd Nick/ES_777 STEMS MELODY_PN.m4a

I have tried using

Import Tag Fields
Source format: %_folderpath%
Formatstring: /%dummy%/%dummy%/%dummy%/%CONTENTGROUP%/%dummy%_%dummy% - %artist%/%dummy%_%title%_%dummy%

Is it possible to import /Epidemic Sound/ into %CONTENTGROUP%, then use the parent directory /ES_777 - Nbhd Nick/ for the artist and /ES_777 STEMS MELODY_PN.m4a for title as in above formatstring?

Even though this thread resides in the Mac section, I think the problem lies in the used source.
The property %_folderpath% does not contain anything but a path - the parts for the filename are not included.
So try %_filename% as source.

I changed %_folderpath% to %_filename%, and clicked apply... it didn't apply they tags.

Yes, %_filename% refers to just the name without the extension.

If you want to access the whole path including the filename, you'd need to use %_path% as source format


Ah, ok. I didn't see that in the list. Thanks @ohrenkino and @Florian!

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