Import Tags from file name

Hi, new to this forum, can't find where to post my question so I thought best to add to this one.

I am trying without success to get this:

"15 You're Not Gangsta Like Ross Whiteman D12 featuring King Gordy.mp3"

To be:

Track 15
Title Your Not Gangsta Like Ross Whiteman
Artist D12 featuring King Gordy


Artist D12
Featuring King Gordy


Featuring King Gordy

(Note - bold and italics used for illustration purposes only, "bold text" represents field names and "italic texts" represents field data.)

The filename is not so well formed to allow Mp3tag to guess how to fill the fitting tag fields.
As a first step you may reformat the filename by a regular expression like you find it in the following proposal and then let Mp3tag guess the values.

Action #1
Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)
Source format: $regexp(%_filename%,'^(\d+)÷(.+)÷(.+?)÷featuring÷(.+?)$','$1÷-÷$2÷-÷$3÷-÷$4')
Guessing pattern: %TRACK%÷-÷%TITLE%÷-÷%ARTIST%÷-÷%FEATURING%
Note: Replace each special ÷ character with one space character.

This is rather tricky and does not work in all cases but with filenames havin the same word structure like the example filename.


Thanks for that help, I guess it might be easier to just put some dashes in the title, I and looking through my 6000+ collection and only a couple hundred files are like this.

A quick question because I can't fine the post - How do I remove the "." from eg. "01." so it shows as "01" in the track field?

Where did that dot come from? There isn't one in that example filename, if you're talking about something else give an example.

The dot is after the track number, in my case the track number is 01. 02. 03. etc. when the track field is populated I want it to be show as 01 02 03 without the dot.

Where does the track number come from though? Are you doing Filename to tag, and there's a dot in the filename? If that's the case then you just need to add a . to the formatting string after the track number. Need more more information to give a more specific answer.

If you just want to remove the . from existing TRACK fields, make a Replace action that searches the TRACK field and replace . with nothing.