Import tags from file

Did I miss a mass tag data import feature somewhere in mp3tag?

A .csv file into a script Tag Import is what I imagine.

Have a huge database of dance recordings, started on punch cards in 1966! Now lives on a relational database.

I value the dance name, tempo and instrumentation in my database more than what is currently stored in mp3 tags. But; friends have customized similar music collections by reusing default tags. Their work vanished when some jukebox software release did them a "favor" and re-tagged every mp3 in sight. (That made them into off line backup believers!)

Check out the function Convert>Textfile-Tag.
This function can deal with CSV files.
You enter the sequence of fieldnames for the converter.
The CSV files itself should not contain any field references.
The sequence and number of records has to match the selected files in MP3tag or you have to supply the filename in each record.