Import tags not working


Forum members,
I am trying to import 2 tags from a text file in the format Artist^Composer for app. 200 songs but the import is not working.

Initially I thought that the problem that the MP3 tag editor does not refresh on it's own, but when I open them in iTunes I still see the old (wrong) tags.

I even tried the Action route for one tag at a time, but that too is not working.

Has anyone come across this problem before. After searching through the forums I did not find any thread where this problem was reported.

Any help from forum members will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Having a textfile which contains a line e. g. "value1^value2" and using converter textfile-tag with formatstring "%V1%^%V2%" Mp3tag creates two tagfields named "V1" and "V2" with each content of "value1" resp. "value2".
I see no problem.



Thanks for replying to my post DD.

The issue is resolved. The APEv2 option was not selected and so I was not able to change the tags. After selecting that and unchecking all under Remove option, I was able to Import the required tags.