Import Text File for Song Title

I have an album with a series of files without any tags, the names of the files are 101.flac, 102.flac, etc etc... I have a text file where I have inside the names of the songs of the aforementioned album, a title for line, as many lines as there are .flac files that make up the album.
How do I import song title names?
I tried with Import Text File in the FIELD I put TITLE and in the name of the file info.txt, but it put the combination of all the lines of the file for all the songs in the TITLE field!
Tell me is there a way to do this simple import operation, thanks all.

You probably refer to the action.

Try Convert>Text file-Tag

Use %title% in the input format string.

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Import Tags from Text Files is the solution! Done! Thx at all!

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