Import Text File


Good evening!
I cannot find the information I need, nothing I've tried seems to work. This drives me absolutely nuts!
It seems to be a simple thing to do:

  1. I have a bunch of mp3 files, let's say 10 tracks.
  2. I want to fill the empty composer field.
  3. I have a single text file with 10 lines, each line is one composer.
  4. I want to import the text file to the 10 mp3 files in one go

I created an action "import text file" and filled the Filename entry field with the actual filename of the text file C:\Audio\Test\BS.txt and the Field with COMPOSER.

Running the action does not work. I could not find any useful instructions on the web. I've spent two nights without success. Tell me stupid but please help me.


Use the Textfile - Tag Converter :mt_tff:
Filename: C:\Audio\Test\BS.txt
Formatstring: %composer%

Textfile - Tag Converter :mt_tff: is for putting every line of a text into a different file. You can split lines into different fields here.
The Import Text File Action :mt_act: is for putting all the text in one field and one file. You can select different text files for differnent audio files by using placeholders like %title% or %track% for the filename here.


Oooops, I had mixed up the Converter with the Action - then it's clear that I was completely lost. Thank you very much, you saved my day!