Importing Album Art and changing date

This is the error message i get with certain files when i try to import album art

Import cover from file "C:\Music\ToBeDone\2014-03-11\Thumbnail\%title%.jpg" (Front Cover): File C:\Music\ToBeDone\2014-03-11\Thumbnail[HD] Dubstep: Azion - Fire & Ice.jpg cannot be accessed.
Import cover from file "C:\Music\ToBeDone\2014-03-11\Thumbnail\%title%.jpg" (Front Cover): File C:\Music\ToBeDone\2014-03-11\Thumbnail[HD] Electro House: James Egbert - Exit Wounds feat. Nina Sung (Cappa Regime Remix).jpg cannot be accessed.

Anybody know why?

Also, the date in each of the videos is written as YYYYMMDD
Year, month day
but there are no dividers like, YYYY/MM/DD or 1920/08/01
for example

Anybody know what i should do to divide the dates like that? It's always in YYYYMMDD form btw

Tested and works with your example:


This is a relative path to the current mp3 folder. The . at the start means the current folder. Otherwise I don't know what the problem could be. Are the files read-only. Or do the title and the jpg match exactly. Or even the extension for what you think is .jpg is actually a .jpeg.

And for the date use the regular expression action.



REGEXP: (\d\d\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)

The action "Import cover from file" expects a so called "format string" for the cover image file name.

This is a format string, which someone can expect to work right ...


... but that is not all ...
... because the tag-field TITLE contains square brackets, which in Mp3tag are characters with special function ...
... we have to outwit the action "Import cover from file" by a format string looking like that ...


... or ...


This should work.