Importing Album Art from .wma?

Excuse my ignorance in this but I have just purchased a Cowon D2 player and have all of my music files ripped as .wma

To get the album art to display on this player with this format I need to have the art in the album folder named as cover.jpg

Will mp3tag automate this process and how do i go about it?

Supposed your wma files contains the album art, use the action "Export cover to file" using the button Actions (Quick) in the toolbar.

Do I have to do this individually for each .wma file or can I select the lot and do it as a batch? I have just tried twice by selecting all of the .wma files and following your instructions to the letter. It processes for a while and then I get a message

Formatted tags in 2386 files. 0 of 2386 files renamed.

It doesn't appear to have worked........and clues?

Ignore the previous post, it did work :rolleyes: