Importing Backup String- Nothings Showing

I'm using the MP3tagcomplete backup tool to export and import my tag data and everything seems to work but the data is not returning from the backup tags (the two fields in question are Credit & Performers.

I'll try to be brief but thorough.

I missing the Composer data for a lot of my MP3's. Windows Media Player (WMP) will batch all of the files and add the composers (I now do it before I create any new MP3's). However for the old files WMP writes over anything in the ID3 data.

So I'm backing up the files with the MP3TagComplete Tool... adding the composer info and then wanting to import the tag back.

But when I import the txt nopthing is showing, specifically in the Credit and Performers filed.

Will the tool work if you modify a field. (Cut and Paste is not going to do it.

Here's my process

  1. Selecting all the files to export.

  2. Via MP3 Tools Exporting to the stored MP3 folder.

  3. I look in the folder, I see the txt tag backup and the csv backup created and the import string txt.

  4. I open the files, i can see all of the information exported, credits, performers, etc...

  5. I update the composer field in windows Media Player.

  6. Then I go to Convert > Text file - tag.

  7. I select the text or csv file (do a preview and all the information once again is showing up). line for line.

  8. For Format String I'm selecting "filename"... does this correlate to the Import String.txt created.

  9. Hit Okay and it runs through all of the tracks. No parsing errors.

However, nothing (Credits or Performers fields are not showing any data).

Any suggestions


I have no direct clue what it could be as this looks a lot like a hidden syntax error.
So, did you have a look at the extended tags to check whether there is not by accident e.g. a tag "credist" instead of "credits"?
As I said: just guessing.

  1. You must use the text file, csv will not work.

  2. As format string you must enter the line that you find in the 00 ImportString.txt file. Open that file and copy the line into the format string field.

And so it is... Thanks... just needed to know about the import string... everything lines great.