Importing comments - 4dos-style descript.ion files

I'm not usually one to ask for support, as I'd much rather read docs and solve it more quickly myself. But I've run out of options, it seems; the docs, help, FAQ and forum searches aren't producing helpful information.

I'm using MicroPlanet Gravity to download music from newsgroups, and occasionally the files don't ship either with tags or with artist/album names in the filenames. I have enabled the descript.ion writing in Gravity, so that the original post name is included in the descript.ion file.

The descript.ion file has two fields on each line, can have many lines, and looks like:

"([^"]+)" (.*)$, where $1 is the filename and $2 is the description.

This sounded as though it was compatible with the Taglist File import.

I'd like to bring this data into the comment field with Mp3tag 2.35, and it seems like the Taglist-file import is the answer. However, when I try to use it, it doesn't work. I've tried the following format strings:

"%_filename_ext%" %comment%
"%_filename_rel%" %comment%

(plus some random things too). The Preview button consistently shows "C:\full Path\filename.mp3" -> \n\n (where \n is a line break), and the import extracts tags and saves "in 0 of 1 files". In other words, no changes.

I expected one of the format strings to produce the stated goal. It seems as though the documentation on this feature may be a little bit light, else I think I'd have been able to make this work.

I guess what would be ideally adjusted in the documentation would be to describe how Mp3tag finds the line in the taglist-file which matches the file you're trying to get data for.

Some help importing comments from 4dos descript.ion files would be very much appreciated.



edits: consolidated my immediate followups-to-self into this post

It works like this:
It goes line by line through the file, and the format string is used for the content of one line.
1st line for the 1st file
2nd line for the 2nd file

Thanks for the description of what it's doing; that explains the behavior I experienced.

So, if I want to import descript.ion file comments using the current behavior, I must select all the files listed in the descript.ion file, in the same order as in the descript.ion file?

I expected that if the format string has %_filename_ext% in it, that it would:

  • skip to the next line of the taglist-file, if the taglist-file-filename doesn't match the currently-selected music-file

  • Start at the top of the taglist-file for each music-file in the selection (assuming more than one music-file was selected for importing tags).

Hopefully these rule-adjustments would be an easy addition to the existing code. Even though it might not have the greatest theoretical efficiency, it would be effective at causing the taglist-file tag importing to behave more intuitively.

I would be willing to contribute documentation of this behavior to augment the docs without further effort on the part of the maintainers.