Importing cover art

Can you designate more than one file name, so that the first one found is imported? For example: folder.jpg;folder.png;cover.jpg;cover.png. I think I may be able to do this within an Action Group by designating each one in a separate action, but that seems very awkward.

Can wildcards or regexes be used? For example: (folder|cover).(jpg|png|gif)

Is there a way to suppress the warning message if no artwork file exists?

Is there any way to make the action conditional, so that covers might only be imported into MP3 files, but not FLAC files?

-Options > Messages
-You can use the scripting functions to check the extension. Set path to an incomplete path if you don't want to write a cover.

That would disable all warnings, which I really don't want. This one doesn't seem the least bit important, while others are more so.

Ok, that works, but of course you then always get the warning message when you purposely use a file name that does not exist.