Importing files from Bluesound

I cannot find my Bluesound music files for importing to Mp3tag. I've opened/allowed all Network options in Windows 10. I have the Bluesound controller on my desktop, so I know that the connection can be made. Please assist.

Which device do you have got?

Most Bluesound products seem to be streaming receivers, so you would need to have files on your computer or another networked storage device, or the music would be streamed from the internet.

Yes, it is an Ethernet streaming device. Switched over to a new computer, that's the cause of my difficulties. On the old computer I accessed the directory though a network connection the sequence was Network>Users>Music. My current computer stops after Users.

Forgot to add, the database is in a Bluesound Vault, streamed to my speakers via the Ethernet,

So you want to access a Bluesound Vault from a PC. You should check its manual how to do that. Hardly anyone on here will know, because this Support forum is intended for an entirely different product.

The manufacturerʼs product description page reads as if the files are only accessible through a USB connection, whereas wifi and ethernet were just for streaming – but I donʼt know.

So you have to restore that network connection.
MP3tag relies on means that Windows supplies.
If you can access the files with the WIndows explorer, it should be possible to load them into MP3tag.
So it looks like a WIndows problem to me. This is the MP3tag forum. There are loads of sites around that deal with Windows functions (and problems). Please use your preferred internet search.