Importing from text file only reads the last row/line

Hey there,

I've been trying to import tags from a list of 20 tracks, each including a track number, a title and an artist (1. Song Name - Artist Name) from a text file, in order to tag corresponding files.

I had figured out the right format to get the data read properly from the file, but for some reason only the last row/line of the text file gets read:

I had tried different things including formatting the list to a CSV file (with commas, semicolons and tabs), cutting out half of the list, removing the track number, removing spaces - you name it.

I understand the preferred way would be to add the corresponding file name/path of each track to the list, but other discussions here mentioned that as long as the number of rows matches the number of files - adding the file name/path is not a must.

I'd appreciate your help!

Your posted screenshot shows that you are not using MP3Tag and thus posting in the wrong forum.

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My apologies, I got mp3tag mixed up with mp3tag pro.

Mp3tag (the one with a capital "M" and lower case "t") is free of charge.
If you like it, you can consider a donation.

The other one (with the addition "Pro") is only available for money, starting at €39.95 per year (usually €69.95 per year).

Thank you :slight_smile:

Given how quickly and easily I managed to do the importing with Mp3tag, I will be sure to give a donation to support the developers!

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