importing .gif files for album artwork

hi everyone - i searched to see whether something similar had been asked already, didn't find anything, apologies if i missed it. i'm trying to figure out how to import gif files into tags. jpgs, jpegs and pngs work fine, but if i put a gif into the folder i'm working on, the sw doesn't recognize it's there. it's probably just a question of adding *.gif somewhere, just can't find the right place.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
cheers from new york city,


Adding GIF files is unfortunately not possible.

But it should be relatively quick and easy to convert a GIF to a JPEG, no ?

@ florian - thanks for the sunday reply, hope right after you left for a pub or something :smiley: . bummer. out of curiosity, is there a technical issue? or did you decide against some formats at some point?

@ chinese/florian - any suggestions for converting? (am pretty new to this stuff). can a program like acdsee do that? is there a low-maintenance free/shareware for that you can recommend?

thans and cheers,

I personally use HyperSnap as I am used to it but it is a shareware. For a freeware that I used sometimes to manipulate album art, I recommend Photofiltre

You can use it to convert gif to jpeg (open your gif file and then do a SAVE AS) and then u can even change its size (e.g. I work with 500x500) for your MP3 album art

thanks for the tip, i'll be sure to try this out!