Importing metadata and tagging the files comprising an album

What would one have to create and in what format in order to be able to import textual FLAC tags for all of the tracks in an album in a manner that appears similar to on-line sources such as freedb and Music Brainz. Assume that we have our a well-vetted source for metadata and can make it available to others that wish to tag the same same album that they've already ripped to FLAC.

I'm looking for a way to share an extensive set of well-vetted metadata with other community radio stations that have ripped a specific CD album to FLAC but don't have the time and talent to add the FLAC tags. Since we can't legally share the already-tagged music files with others, there is no reason why we can't share the FLAC tags that have already been created.

The proposed metadata would include "non-standard" metadata in the appropriate format: FIELDNAME=Value

Is it possible for mp3tag users to create a local folder in which to download the tag information for a particular album and then import those tags exclusively? If so, how does one format the file(s) suitable for downloading and tagging an album at a remote user's site? This process would be equivalent to adding the custom server to the list of available metadata.

Is this capability what "freedb (local)" is intended to provide?


Dennis ... aks "d2b"

The freedb (local) is for tagging information if you have downloaded data in the freedb format. Freedb usually supplies only data to the extent of V1 tags.

The export feature of MP3tag allows you to create more or less any kind of text data.
If you agree on a format for export and import then you can exchange the data.

The import feature in MP3tag works in 2 modes:
Mode 1: number and sequence of target files and records in the data source match.
Mode 2: a data field in a record contains the filename that matches the filename of the target file and in that way aligns the record with the target file.

Thank you.

What do you mean by "V1 tags?"

Where can I find the formats used by freedb to collect and provide metadata. Is the format proprietary or open-source?

Note that a fair amount of funding might be available to create this capability, one that is suitable for tag sharing between users in the FLAC format and that allows them to tag their files in accordance with a new standard (and larger) set of tags similar to the basic set of Vorbis comments.


Dennis ... aks "d2b"

V1 tags have considerably fewer data fields and are restricted in length. (see perhaps
V2(.3) tags do not have these restrictions and allow user-defined fields.

I do not know how to create a database in the freedb format and I still wonder why you did not comment on the plain-text transfer.

And what you would also have to supply: some kind of identifier so that you can search the freedb. This is usually supplied on the CD that is referenced by the freedb data.
I wonder how you will get that.

See also...
"The MP3 standard did not include a method for storing file metadata. In 1996 Eric Kemp had the idea to add a small chunk of data to the audio file, thus solving the problem. The method, now known as ID3v1, quickly became the de facto standard for storing metadata in MP3s."

The technical correct spelling is "ID3v1 tag" or "ID3v2.3 tag" or "ID3v2.4 tag".

Forget to assemble a data format used within the FREEDB compilation, which is based on physical data media like CD.

See also...
"A Vorbis tag is a list of fields in the format FieldName=Data."
"There are no provisions for storing binary data in Vorbis comments."