Importing multiple genres tag

Hi there. Importing genres from music brainz is not working for me. I would like to import all the genres tagged in MB separated by ";" or, if there are no genres set, import the genres by artist. I think this will be easy to do by editing src file, but I don't know the commands I must use.

Thanks in advance

Could you please show as an example with existing genres on MusicBrainz?
Do you talk about a release? Or a recording? And where do you find "genres by artist"?

Here is a example:

In this release, genres are defined as:

blues rock, hard rock, heavy metal

But some releases has no genres set, like this:


In this case, you can search Artist Information by clicking in the artist name link (sorry I cannot paste more than 2 links)

AC/DC has set this genres:

hard rock, rock, blues rock, rock and roll, arena rock

I hope I have explained myself well, my English is not that good :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the examples.

The genres (provided by contributing users) can be really strange, like the last "Other tags" in your AC/DC example:

I'm not sure, how usefull genres called "english" or "offizielle deutsche charts – album-jahrescharts 2020" are.

Maybe script gurus can include this information in future versions of existing MusicBrainz websource scripts.

Yes, I think "other tags" must be discarded. Also the genres set in the "release group" will be more reliable.
On the other hand, Music Brainz Picard has an option to avoid strange genres by selecting a minimun % of popularity of a genre. These must be a useful tool, here is more info how it works: