Importing previous configuration settings


I used a previous version of mp3tag last spring. I had exported my configuration settings to a zip file. I have since reformatted my computer and now have the latest version of mp3tag (2.39). I want to import the settings fromt the zip file I saved last year, but I do not see a way to do it. I see how you can still export your configuration, but no way to restore it. I have not seen a previous answer to this in the forum. Is this possible to do with the latest version of the program? Thank you.


I found that zipping C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Application Data\Mp3tag* and unzipping to the same place worked fine.


Thanks. I did see that in the FAQs, but the info was dated 2004, so I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for the current version. I will give it a try.