importing song titles from excel...

i'm sure it's pretty easy, but i can't seem to do it, nor find an answer for it.
I have a lot of metadata in many many tracks in excel form. I want to rename tracks in mp3tag using names they have already in my excel forms. How do i import those song titles from excel to mp3tag, or can i import them directly into the filename column, or both?!

You must export the data from Excel to csv or a similar format.
Then you can use "Convert > Text file - tag"
If your csv file has a header line, you must remove that first.

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much.
i actually did exactly that, but for some reason it didn't save the file as CSV even though i did save it as such. This time i took the file i had saved on my desktop (which i thought i had saved as CSV), and saved it again. It worked.
Thank you very much, Dano!