Importing Tag from old files

I've seen a lot of discussion but no definitve solutions , but i'll give it a shot.

I want to import my tag from an old format (ex. vinyl recording) to a CD version. simply, i have the CD, and would like to import the tag info i've configured from the old file.

I guess wold be like setting up my own database to pull from. Not sure what's involved. Some of the tags (dropdown menu) are easy because as you know you can select the same titles and save, but frm the fields such as credit, performers it's not so easy or quick.

Anyone tried to do this?

Again, the main point is i would like to copy tags from old albums to new CD's.


A simple copy and paste should work.

Select all the vinyl tracks, hit Ctrl-C, select all of the CD tracks and hit Ctrl-V.

This depends a lot on the data source you have for the old vinyl albums.
So for further advice you have to tell us about that data format.

If you have just transferred the tracks from the analogue world into the digital MP3 world, then it may be useful to use one of the web sources like discogs which also has data for vinyl albums. You should know the artist and the album to get the rest of the data.
Or what was your problem?