Importing tags based on filename and folder?


I have a whole bunch of mpc (musepack) files which I encoded before having knowledge of or access to such great facilities as freedb and audiograbber. So I entered all the information manually (artist, title, etc). I entered the bare minimum of information, and know that there are a few typos in several tags.

I was pleased to find that mp3tag seemed to have a feature to import tag information based on filename. However, it seems that you need files for all the tracks on an album, and in the right order. I rarely rip files for all tracks on an album, just the ones I like most.

Is it possible to import tag information based on only some tracks in an album?

All my mpc files have at least the artist name, album name, track name, and track number, but it would be good to be able to fill in the missing tag information and overwrite my existing information with more "reliable" information (fewer typos!).

I should have thought it is possible for what I have, since the utility would have some or all of the following information for each track to base its decision on:

  1. Artist name, both in folder name (Artist > Album) and in existing manually-entered tag information
  2. Album name, both in folder name (Artist > Album) and in existing manually-entered tag information
  3. Track name, both in existing tag information and file name (e.g. "02 -- Single Handed Sailor")
  4. Track number, both in existing tag information and file name (e.g. "02 -- Single Handed Sailor")
  5. Year, perhaps, in existing tag information

Based on this information, I think it should be possible to track down the exact album from freedb.

Can mp3tag do this? Was I doing something wrong? Or is there something else that does this?

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Have you tried FreeDB > determine from selected files ?


Sure. That's what I tried to say in my original post, but probably not very well. I said I was pleased to see... but this didn't work for me unless I selected files for all the tracks in the album, and in the right order. If I select only some of the tracks from the album (in the right order), then I get "No suitable entry found for freedb-ID xxxxxxx". And I don't have a single album of mine where I ripped all the tracks from it (only for one of my kids' CD did I rip all the tracks and this feature only works when selecting all the tracks from the album). So, it would be ideal if there was a way for mp3tag / freedb to determine the relevant information from only selected tracks from the album. Or am I doing something wrong? Even title and track number information for two tracks from an album should identify the album uniquely in most cases. And when the files are sitting in a folder with the album name, that's even more of a giveaway.




You can try the web based search. But I don't know, if you want to do this for all your single tracks.

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Thanks for the reply, Florian. I may do this for certain tracks where I see errors or missing information, and it wouldn't be too much work. I was just checking that there wasn't a look-up function (either in mp3tag or another utility out there) that is able to locate the album on freedb based on partial information and selected album tracks. And automatically update the information in all my tracks at once, filling in all that information that I never had time to input manually (e.g. album year, genre etc). Seems that there isn't, although it would be useful :slight_smile:




Well, for recognizing single tracks, MusicBrainz Tagger seems to be the best application.


Thanks, Dano. That looks like a great utility. Seems to perform identification on the audio content rather than basic info like track length and so on? Unfortunately, though, it doesn't support musepack (mpc) files.