Importing Track Names from Amazon.*

Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty tagging tracks using data from an Amazon page.

I have an Album which should be matching the following album on Amazon:

However, no matter what I search for, I get a message telling me it can't be found. I've tried using FreeDB and Discogs, but sadly, I can't find my CD on there either.

Is there any way I can feed MP3Tag a URL or ASIN for the album so that it can import it from there?

I really don't understand why the album can't be found on Amazon, where I can find it quite easily.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone may be able to offer.

Is it really a physical CD?
The link that you posted is a mp3-download album.
There used to be a webscript from dano that included mp3-albums too but it does not work anymore because Amazon changed something.

You can get this album with the Itunes-Websource:
[WS] iTunes

Sorry, I should have been clearer. It was a rip of a CD.

The iTunes scraper did the trick. Many thanks.