Importing txt file with track numbers

Hi, I have a folder with about 4000 flacs not having the tracknumber or year in the tag. I have a txt file with the colums artist, title, track, year.
I've tried to import this with convert textfile - tag, but get the feedback that each line can't be parsed.
Can you advize me?

Not until you show us the first couple of lines of the text file.
The rule is: MP3tag counts the unique separators and then inserts the bit of data that is found between each separator in the field that you have named as mask when starting the converter.
You have to use the same separator for the input mask as can be found in the text source file.
For each piece of data that you do not want, enter %dummy% in the mask.

And to be sure that you import the track number and the year to the matching song in your list of 4000 FLAC files, you should ensure to have the filename or fullpath in your txt file.

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H, thanks for your quick reply.
I have the following lines in my txt file divided by tabs.
In the format string I have: %_Filename_flac% /t %artist% /t %title% /t %track% /t %year

Bestandsnaam Artiest Titel Track Jaar
10CC - Donna 10CC Donna 1004 1973
10CC - Dreadlock Holiday 10CC Dreadlock Holiday 115 1978
10CC - Feel The Love 10CC Feel The Love 3883 1983
10CC - Good Morning Judge 10CC Good Morning Judge 3041 1977
10CC - Im Mandy Fly Me|10CC|Im Mandy Fly Me 1342 1976
10CC - Im Not In Love|10CC|Im Not In Love 144 1975
10CC - Silly Love 10CC Silly Love 4517 1974
10CC - The Things We Do For Love 10CC The Things We Do For Love 1615 1976
10CC - The Wall Street Shuffle 10CC The Wall Street Shuffle 534 1974
1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says 1910 Fruitgum Company Simon Says 3403 1968

The txt file is in the same directory as the flacs

The separator has to be a printable character. So the TAB is not the optimum. Esp. as it cannot be addressed with /t.
Then you have to leave out everything that is neither separator nor data - I see the column headers ... they shouldn't be in the file when you open it with the converter.
The fieldnames should match actual fields unless you really want to create a user-defined field - so it should be %_filename_ext% and not

The filename has to be a full filename with extension..
Also, watch out that the separator is correct to the letter - here I see "space /t space" as separator. Is this also the case in the data or is there no leading and trailing space for the data?
And finally: even the last field

should be written in correct syntax: %year% with opening and closing %.

Hi, it is starting to work because of your good support. I only have still problems with all tracks that have a ' or a & in the title or artist name. Is there something I can do to resolve this?

Where do you have the problems?
I just imported this data
Don't do this|Ham&Eggs|Pop
and it did not cause any error messages or leftout data


the following data was causing a problem:
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good.flac (and all other artists/songs with a ' )
Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson - Valerie.flac (and all other artists/songs with a &

I've just tried it with a full path for %_filename_ext%
d:\\Music\Ambient Diary.Two - 1998\Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good.mp3
and that worked

@Cees: If you can show us your used format string and two or three lines from your txt file, we can better reproduce your problem. Please enclose both in Backticks/Gravis, they look like this: `


I have a text file with about 4600 entries for the same amount of flac files and about 3600 work fine. Only the files with a 'or a & (and there are many I now know) do not work after repeatedly trying.
I use the € as separator. I first used the ,. When I used that all songs with a , also went wrong.The below entries fail because of the '.
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Lookin Out For #1.flac€2026€1976 Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Aint Seen Nothing Yet.flac€516€1974

I now see that my cpoying into this textbox leaves out the '. E.g it should be lookin', not lookin.
It should be Ain't not Aint.
The same ' is causing the problem.

One additional question to make it clear. Can I send you my text file?

As far as I can count

has 2 €

has 4 - so I would say that the mask does not match.

Then I assume that the alleged apostrophe is none but is an accent.

You can send a PM. But I doubt that this will change a lot.

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Lookin Out For #1.flac€2026€1976 is one flac. Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain` t Seen Nothing Yet.flac€516€1974 is the second flac

I think that the problems to show the filename properly arise from the accent which should have been an apostrophe.
It should be:
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Lookin' Out For #1.flac€2026€1976
Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.flac€516€1974

But in fact you have the accent from top left to bottom right in lookin' and in ain't

But I tried it with both - and so I think that either the filename or that what you have taken down as filename in the text file don't match.

Hi, you were absolutely right. I replaced all with ' and all worked. In one file it was a and in the other file it was a '.
Now still the & sign in artist or title is a problem. Any suggestions?

as I said previously: I tried

and it worked ...