Impossible to delete/replace album art

I have almost tried every program and way to replace the album art but what so ever they always appear on google play music. Sometimes mp3tag works, sometimes it doesn't.
Here are the things i tried:

  1. Remove cover till its blank. Save. Add cover. Save. (failed)
  2. Did the same thing with MediaMonkey. (failed)
  3. Used android based apps. (failed)
  4. Tried converting the flac to flac at different bitrate and frequnency using media monkey. (failed)

No matter what I do, the old album art always shows up. I also tried deleting android/data/media in my phone, cleared the cache and app data, restarted the phone. nothing works.

These are my observations-

  1. No matter what tag editor you use, you will not find the old album art in it.
  2. After replacing the album art and saving it, successfully saved msg is displayed.
  3. If you open the flac in VLC it will show you the replaced album art.
  4. If you refresh the music list in mp3tag, replaced album art persists.
  5. Replaced album art is shown in music players like poweramp and n7player but not in google music.

Therefore, all in all, you can see replaced album art almost everywhere except google music player.
And I repeat when viewing the music in mp3tag or mediamonkey it shows only 1 album art in it, the only place you can see the old album art is in google music.

Please help me and guide me.
Thank you.

Please help.

You should check the media files and their tag structure.
Maybe there are different tag types involved at the same time ...
within the one and only media file ... APE and ID3.
For sure remove the APE tag, ... but keep in mind not to loose precious tag-data.


As you can see in the uploaded image their is only one tag type : flac and also nothing in the extended tags.

Thank you DetlevD!!

Oh my, excuse my wrong advice to search for tag data structures, which are usually not attached to a flac file.

Maybe ... the envolved player software ....
has its own separate database of pictures, ...
or downloads the pictures from the internet?


That totally worked!!! :smiley:
It was downloading album art and tags from internet. I had to restrict the internet access, clear the app data and replace all the files. Voila!

Thanks a lot DetlevD