Impossible to edit certain tags in files

I have a problem in editing certain tags, of files downloaded from WHOPLAYMUSIC.COM.
name of the website www; that is this "
And it does not leave or erase, nor will it change the label.
Only, it allows you to change the file by recoding it again.
Someone has experienced this situation.
If any of you have any solution, without having to re-recode the files, since there are many files to recode
Thank you
Greetings to all users.

What kind of files are we talking about? MP3? MP4? FLAC?

If these are MP3 files: do you have ape tags in the files and if so, do you read, write and delete them or do you just read and delete them? (See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for the settings)

Hi, I can find them in mp3, and wav.
I leave some screen captures so that they can see the labels, which does not allow to change or delete if I do not recode the files.
They are the labels that bring this text.
I can send you a file for anyone who wants to try.
free of viruses, I have no intention of annoying anyone.

If the problem goes away when you recode, it may be worthwhile to check the files for integrity first.
You find a section in the HowTos showing links to tools:

Thank you, I will look at what you are indicating, and I will prove that I have found out.
Thank you.
I will keep you informed.

Regarding the problem that you raise, that some labels do not change; is when you want to change the labels to multiple files, because when you try in a single file if you change.
but doing it in several files at the same time does not change them
And I have deduced that the fault is this.

If the tag fields can be modified in files one by one then it should be possible to modify them also in one go.

If you edit data in the files list then you edit one file after the other. Everytime you leave a tag field, the modification is saved.

You can edit data for several files if you select the files in the files list and then enter the data that should be the same for all the selected files in the tag panel - but to save the modification you have either to press Ctrl-S or click on the save button in the toolbar.

You can also edit the data for several files in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) which saves the modification when you close it with "OK".

Hello ohrenkino.
Thank you for your support, well what you tell me I have understood, no problem, I'm using it.
Thank you.
Now I have doubts with the INITIALKEY.

I leave a link to the new topic that I have opened.