Impressed, but bound to be ignored

Great product. Intuitive and powerful. I'm a long time MP3 Collector user ( and like the way MP3tag works. So thank you for the effort and I promise to make a donation if I decide to make it my default product of choice.

However, I have (what I think is) an exceptionally large library of music - approx. 55 Gigs, and it is growing daily. As with most music collectors, I have my music in a number of folders - I'm anal retentive that way - to make life easier as I burn, rip, and d/l music (legally).

I noted in an earlier post regarding features that ARE NOT on the future release list that a directory tree is not in the cards for Mp3tag. After reviewing this forum, and the content forwarded from multiple users, it seems clear that this feature is high on a lot of users wish list.

Why wouldn't that feature be evaluated? Is there a coding or design issue that prevents it from being integrated? Just curious.

Maybe there are other shortcuts that I'm not aware of as a newb, but I'm looking at all that blank space under the tag window and wondering "why isn't there a directory tree there?" To me, that just seems to be a no brainer, but again, I'm a newb who like things simple as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading to the bottom and keep up the hard work!Attachment 157 not found.