Improper action while saving

This is a bit involved.

I've been updating album cover art, and found this bug.

If I update anything in the extended tag window, and click >> before the save completes, an exception occurs, and the save dialog will not go away.

Can continue working, so it's not too big a deal, but the ideal solution is to disable the controls in the extended tag window until the save is complete.

The log doesn't show much, but this might help.


File: y:\projects_audio\smp3file2.cpp
Line: 2251


Can you retry this with the latest Mp3tag v3.11c?


There no longer seems to be an issue with the progress dialog.
Personally, I would have just disabled the controls on the tag window, but looks like you opted for some other way as I never saw the controls go inactive.


Yes, I'm trying something else. Thanks for confirming the fix — if any of that comes back, please let me know!

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